Wise Fools: Comedians vs. Philosophy
Mi., 23. Juni | Ma's Comedy Club

Wise Fools: Comedians vs. Philosophy

Wise Fools is a comedy show that aims to pit the skills of Berlin's best stand up comedians against some of the oldest questions in humanity.
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Time & Location

23. Juni, 21:00 – 23:00
Ma's Comedy Club, Reinhardtstraße 10, 10117 Berlin, Germany

About the event

The role of the fool in society has been a long and noble one with the occasional fart joke tossed in for good measure. Wise Fools aims to take the foolhardy honesty and observational acumen of the comedian and aim it squarely at some of biggest questions and topics to haunt the minds of great thinkers over the last two thousand years of so. The results may not go down in the annals of philosophy but they should amount to a show packed with philosophically tinged funnies with a smidge of thought provocation thrown in as well.

Expect to see comedians debate each other and defend positions where more distinguished and slightly more deceased minds have failed, or take your chance to fill the role of the big dude himself and see if you can't 'Socratic-method' one of Berlin's finest comics into a puddle of existential tears under a hail of incisive or not so incisive audience questions/heckles.

So come along to the new and dedicated comedy lounge Ma's comedy club to watch some genuine fools aspire to something resembling wisdom.

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