Going Viral

Comedy for the New Normal

Real life begins again after a year spent living digitally! Live comedy is back! Everything is fine! Or, is everything actually fucked? As the comedians of Berlin finally start venturing outside after their enforced creative hibernation, what kind of place will they find? Join resident misanthropes Shawn Jay and Perry Eff as they try to make sense of just what the hell has happened over the past year as the world went viral. But just what is the real virus? Covid-19 or the human race and its viral content?


This is a show for those who are ready to get out of the house for some real life (and appropriately distanced) human connection as a tonic to your internet fatigue. With sets from some of the best comedians on the Berlin scene this show will bring laughter to your dark place as we all nurse our collective corona hangovers.


Hate or Hashtag: Confused by cryptocurrencies? Zealous about Zoom? Troubled by Tik Tok? Infuriated by influencers? This is a game where you tell us the things which have puzzled you most from internetland this past year, and we decide live on stage if they are due for the recycle bin, or should be immortalised in a hashtag and send off to conquer social media. Post your suggestion as a #hashtag in the Facebook event comments to be in with the chance of a winner's free drink!


EVERY TUESDAY AT 20:30. Negative test/vaccine certificate required. Limited seating. Tickets €8 online, €10 door.

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